Podiatrist - Anna McMurtrie BHsc Pod


Anna loves being a podiatrist!  She enjoys alll areas of podiatry, however has a partcular interest in sports and musckuloskelteal podiatry.  Anna has passion for running herself, having competed as a junior and open at National and International levels in middle distance running.

Anna enjoys sovling pain in your feet, she has particular interest in running gait anaylysis and footwear prescription.


Anna believes she can help you see progress - walk 2 run! 

Podiatirst - Santoshni Prasad BHsc Pod

Leonardo Da Vinci said "The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art", this is where my passion for podiatry comes from. Being from a country where sports, outdoor activities and going to the beach are the norm for nearly everyone has made me aware of how important our lower limbs really are.

I am a qualified Radiographer and after working in 2 major hospitals in Fiji, I practiced in New Zealand before joining WLK2RUN. 

Being a person who loves the outdoors, I strongly believe that a healthy foot is a solid foundation for a healthy life. I enjoy working at WLK2RUN Podiatry and am committed to providing my patients with the best level of care possible. 

Podiatrist - Lorna Grant 

Lorna Grant has many years as podiatirst. Orginally working in the NHS in the UK, lorna moved to Rockhampton and took a position as a senior podiatirst in Queensland Health.

Lorna has interest in all areas, but has a spefic interest in wound care.  Lorna has recently completed a nuring degree.


Pauline Ven Hengal - Practice Manager


Many years in administration and practice management.  Allows the perfect runnings of WLK2RUN.  There is never a problem for Pauline.  She organises the podiatirst to ensure a smooth and efficent practice.